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Our office understands that a home is more than just an investment--it is where you build your life, raise your family, and create memories.


     A foreclosure is when your respective bank/lender takes

the necessary steps to move toward auctioning your property

in order to try to attempt to recover the amount of money that is

owed. The bank/lender recovers the amount you owe at a

foreclosure sale, where your home is sold to the highest bidder.

In order for a foreclosure to occur, the bank has to show that you are behind on your mortgage payments. This is known as a “default.” 

Foreclosure Filing and Proceedings

     After you have defaulted, the bank will begin to initiate the process of placing your home in a foreclosure. A lender is required to mail you a letter that explains to you that you will be foreclosed on if you are unable to catch up with your payments. During this time, the bank will attempt to call you to try to come to a “solution” regarding your situation. Sadly, many homeowners that face foreclosure often resort to working with the bank by themselves in order to come to a “solution” or they simply ignore the bank’s letter. Instead, you should consult with an attorney. Here, at The Law Offices of Carolina Nunez, P.A. -- we are able to help.

Foreclosure Sale

     When a bank files the foreclosure in the courts, the borrower

is then served a copy of the complaint and you will have 20

days to respond. If you do not respond to the lawsuit, the bank

will be able to proceed with the foreclosure sale.

At a foreclosure sale, the home is sold to the highest bidder.

The bank oftentimes lets the new “owner” take control of

evicting you from the foreclosed home. 


Your Options

     Individuals and families are now dealing with COVID-19 related health issues, death, job loss, and major income reductions. Adding to that stress is collecting all of the necessary information to submit to a lender for assistance and ensuring that all documentation is properly filled out. If you are currently struggling with your mortgage payments, or anticipate not being able to pay your mortgage, we may be able to assist you. There are various programs in which individuals may be able to apply for with their respective lenders.

Call The Law Offices of Carolina Nunez, P.A. for a consultation at 407-376-2229 or 386-224-6544. Our offices are located near Orlando in Winter Park and Daytona Beach.

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