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Updated: Mar 27

We get it. Sometimes, we lawyers get a less than stellar reputation. At times, there is a good reason for that impression. Many lawyers take car accident cases with the idea that it will settle. Here, at The Law Office of Carolina Nunez, P.A., our lawyers and experienced team will take the time to identify all potential sources of recovery and aggressively work on your behalf to maximize the compensation that you receive. We know first hand at our office that some cases need to take the case to court -- and our injury attorneys are not afraid of doing that.

With that being said, you may think that handling a car accident claim can be done on your own. A lot of people try to negotiate with their insurance company themselves. The fact is -- the insurance companies are not going to feel compelled to give you the best financial compensation available to you. They know the laws very well themselves!

To help you in your decision of fighting the insurance companies on your own versus hiring our experienced injury lawyers, here is a detailed breakdown of what we do and how we win:

Initial Consultation:

Our process begins with understanding the details of the accident, injuries sustained, and the impact of these injuries on your life and work.


Our experienced Florida accident team will gather all the necessary evidence: accident reports, witness statements, and medical records. We may also work with accident reconstruction experts, if necessary.

Case Preparation:

Here, at The Law Office of Carolina Nunez, P.A., our accident lawyers in Daytona Beach, Winter Park, Stuart, Gainesville, and Orlando will work together with you to build a compelling case to show the insurance company how the other party was at fault. This may include understanding local traffic laws, identifying negligence, and demonstrating how the accident caused your injuries.

Negotiation with Insurance Companies:

To be fair, some car accident cases are resolved through settlement negotiations with insurance companies. Our Florida car accident lawyers will aim to get a fair settlement that covers medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering. We then contact you regarding the offers and we explain all options available to you. You decide at that point.


If a fair settlement cannot be reached between you and the insurance companies -- our accident lawyers in Daytona Beach, Winter Park, Stuart, Gainesville, and Orlando do not give up. Our offices will prepare to take the case to court. At that point, we have an experienced Florida car accident litigation team will present evidence, argue the case, and strive for the best possible outcome for your accident case. Filing a Complaint in the court is certainly not a walk in the park -- it requires knowledge of court procedures, case law, and more.

It's crucial to note that for our accident lawyers to make a good case--we NEED to show substantial damages. Our job at The Law Offices of Carolina Nunez, P.A. is to argue the facts and support them with case law. Damages may include: physical injuries, mental anguish, loss of earnings, and other harms that you have suffered because of the accident. The more comprehensive the damages, the stronger the case will be in court, leading to better results for you.

We hope that helps!

Don't Settle for Less Than You Deserve -- Call Us Now:

Getting help from a knowledgeable Florida personal injury attorney as soon as possible after an injury or fatality accident is important. Our Stuart, Daytona Beach, DeLand, Deltona, Sanford, Winter Park, Gainesville, Stuart, and Orlando car accident lawyers may help you to recover more compensation than you might be able to recover on your own. A car accident attorney at The Law Office of Carolina Nunez, P.A. will guide you throughout the process and work to help you to build the strongest case possible.

Our truck, car, bicycle, pedestrian, slip and fall attorneys in Stuart, Orlando, Winter Park, Gainesville, and Daytona Beach are dedicated to fighting for the rights of injured victims and the families of those who are killed in Winter Park, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Stuart, Gainesville, and throughout the surrounding areas. Contact The Law Office of Carolina Nunez, P.A. today online or call us at 407-376-2229 to schedule your free Florida accident consultation with one of our lawyers in Winter Park, Daytona Beach, Gainesville, Stuart, or Orlando, so that you can learn more about your potential recovery rights.

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